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Litigation Solicitors in Cardiff

It is a sad fact of doing business that sooner or later, no matter how ethically you run your affairs, you will become involved in a dispute of some form. When this happens it doesn’t have to be a problem and it needn’t affect the way your business is run.

Whatever the nature of your dispute, our team of litigation Solicitors can advise you on your rights and the best way forward. Whether the issue is regarding commercial premises, employment, a debt or a contract, M & M has the expertise and skills to negotiate or mediate on your behalf, resolving the situation as quickly as possible.

We have a great deal of experience in resolving commercial litigation cases in the following areas:

> Employment Law (contentious and non-contentious)
> Contract disputes
> Debt recovery
> Commercial property
> Professional negligence
> Landlord and Tenant disputes
> Boundary disputes
> Insolvency
> Construction Industry disputes

We can also help with personal disputes including any loans that may fall into the Financial Irregularity context. Our team can help resolve personal litigation issues such as the mis-selling of Payment Protection Insurance and further Consumer Credit claims.

If you think you may have a litigation case, please speak to one of our experts who can advise you on how we can help resolve the situation. Call us now on 02920 482444, email us at

Commercial Debt Litigation

To survive in business, the collection of monies owed is essential. Of course in an ideal world every client would be a prompt payer, but in reality this is simply not the case, even when the service or products your business provided were of the highest class. Recovery of your commercial debts can be a major drain on both management time and resources, distracting you from what it is your business does best.

M & M Solicitors have an experienced commercial debt litigation team who specialise solely in this field of work. This level of expertise ensures a practical, professional and proactive service which is tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients enquiry form and we will be in contact.

Commercial Contract Disputes

The world of business is rarely plain sailing. No matter how clear and comprehensive a contract may have seemed when it was initially drafted and signed, disagreements and disputes can and do arise further down the line. Breach of contract cases are just one example of how such disputes and issues can crop up. Other problems may involve contracts relating to:

> Sale of goods and supply of services agreements
> Franchise agreements
> Consultancy agreements
> & in a wide range of other situations

With our breadth of experience and resources we also provide the individual attention and personal service. . This combination provides us with the skill and thorough understanding of your needs to find the right solution to your commercial contract dispute, whether that is negotiation or involves litigation.

Private Contract Disputes

As many of you will doubtless be aware, breach of contract is all too common in both private and commercial situations. For a contract to be binding it does not necessarily have to be written. In some contract disputes agreements have not been made in writing, and are merely implied or verbal agreements. However, in the vast majority of cases, it is beneficial to both parties to have a contract in writing. This lays out exactly what is expected of all involved.

When you are facing private contract disputes, you need representation from a team with the experience and expertise to understand what positive action is needed to bring the dispute to a beneficial resolution. Over the years our specialist contract solicitors have built up extensive experience representing private individuals facing a wide range of disputes, including:
> Disputes over property ownership
> Collection of private debts
> Inheritance and probate disputes
> Building disputes
> Management and progression of insurance claims
> Landlord and Tenant Act proceedings for residential clients

Your Legal Rights

When a contract is created there are terms which are ‘fundamental’ to the contract, and those that are ‘implied’. Generally speaking, only the breach of a fundamental term will allow the innocent party to cancel the contract, whilst lesser breaches of implied terms will generally allow the guilty party to remedy the breach. One of the principles of private contract disputes is that the innocent party should be placed in the position they would have been if the breach had not occurred, which can result in compensation.

Our experienced breach of contract solicitors provide clear, honest and straightforward advice, taking the positive action you need to reach the right resolution.

Specialist Business Sales & Purchase Solicitors

The specialist commercial team at M & M Solicitors have extensive experience in the sale and acquisition of a wide variety of businesses. Whether it’s independent retail outlets or large manufacturing plants, our commercial solicitors, some of the very best anywhere in the UK, ensure a timely and seamless transaction.

Our expertise ensures we are able to spot any potential problems before they arise, even in the most complex transactions. There are often many issues which need to be resolved aside from the direct transaction of the business. Legal matters relating to the employees, business premises, property and planning often arise, in which case our specialist solicitors in our other departments will be on hand to offer the expert advice you need.

No business is too small or too large for our dedicated business sales solicitors here at M & M. We can help sole traders, partnerships, limited companies and public limited companies with the sale or purchase of individual assets or businesses as a whole, finding the most effective and beneficial route to take.

Our Expert Commercial Legal Service Focuses On...

> Buying or selling a business as a going concern
> Advice on exiting a business
> Employment issues relating to business sales
> Financing
> Joint ventures and partnerships
> Property issues
> Sales or purchases of professional practices

If you are considering the sale of a business, contact us at the earliest possible stage of the transaction and our specialist team will be able to offer expert assistance with the initial heads of terms as well as advising on the most tax efficient structures.