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M & M is a highly ranked criminal litigation practice which specialises in defending very serious crime. We specialise in all types of crime, and have particular expertise in serious fraud, Proceeds of Crime, money laundering, drug trafficking, extradition, and bribery and corruption cases.

The practice consistently attracts high profile work which has been prosecuted by bodies such as the, HM Revenue & Customs, The Serious Fraud Office and the Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform as well as the Crown Prosecutiont Service. Alongside our criminal practice we also represent individuals and public limited companies in allegations ranging from corruption, serious fraud (so called ‘white collar crime’) and regulatory issues brought by for example MHRA, SFO and SIA.

Our lawyers have been involved in many leading cases of recent years and our experience is invaluable in representing individuals charged with crimes.

We provide comprehensive advice and assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

M & M has a well established history of defending serious criminal allegations and this experience ensures that your case is given the care and attention it deserves.

The firm is widely recognized for its commitment to fiercely defending its clients and ensuring their clients receive the highest standard of client care. The commitment and attention to detail of our lawyers is well known and respected amongst clients, fellow professionals and members of the judiciary.

The crime Department is headed by Mr Nadeem Majid, a leading Solicitor Advocate who regularly exercises his higher rights and is often seen in cases at all levels He also heads the Complex Case Department of the firm. Nadeem HAS APPEARED AS Junior Counsel in a murder and large scale drugs conspiracies.

Some of his cases have been regularly covered in the national press.

Notable Cases:


R V OSL: large scale terrorism plot- known as the “Christmas bombers”,

R V MJA: large scale terrorism operation by CTU- submissions made after 9 days of interviews resulting in No Further Action


R v W, M and Others (2010): (Operation Atlanta) Cardiff Crown Court Large scale conspiracy to supply Class A drugs. Represented the principal organisers

R V S and Others (2012): (Operation Gull) Large scale conspiracy to Supply Class B Drugs – large scale investigation involving several police forces.

R V T and others (2011): large scale conspiracy to supply Class A drugs

R v D and others (2012): large scale conspiracy to supply Class A and B Drugs. Represented one of the principal organisers.

Sexual Offences

R v Singh and others (2009): Serious sexual abuse case involving multiple family members

R V F (2012): Manchester Crown Court- allegation of serious historical Serious assaults- jury failed to reach a verdict.

R V P-L- (2012): charged with serious sexual assault on a child. Acquitted after trial.

R V F (2013) client acquitted of historical rape allegations in re-trial.


R V C (2011): Cardiff Crown Court


R V M (2008): Operation Euripus- £250 Million pound carousel MTIC Fraud.

R V J-(2012): large scale internet lottery/dating fraud.

R V C (2012): large scale MTIC Fraud, carousel fraud and mortgage fraud involving £8.5Million Pounds.

Appelate Work

R V H (2013): Successful Appeal against sentence. Successfully reduced sentence from 4 years to 3 years.

R V G (2011): Case referred to CCRC, successfully overturned conviction upon Appeal.

R V K (2012): Successfully appealed against sentence of 7 years where judge totally missed concept of totality and passed numerous consecutive sentences. Total sentence reduced from 7 years to 5 years.

R V T (2012): Sentence of 4.5 years imprisonment for supplying Class A drugs successfully reduced to 3.5 years, as the sentencing Judge failed to properly apply the new guidelines for drugs cases and the role and category.